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UKV PLC Educates About French Wine Regions

There are very few wine companies that would like to educate people about which wine to buy and relish. UKV PLC is one of them. They talk about Bordeaux, which is a wine growing region that is located on the Atlantic coast of France. This is an area that was traditionally transporting wines to a number of foreign countries.

The vineyards in this area are known the world over for producing red wines that are medium-bodied. All these are a blend of various grapes. This is why the appellation decides whether the bottle of Bordeaux will contain Cabernet Sauvignon, or Malbec, or even Cabernet Franc or Merlot. This is a big region. There are nearly 10,000 wine producers here. Hence all kinds of local wines are produced here. These include the affordable one and can go up to being very expensive.

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UKV PLC wine has to talk about Champagne region. If it is a sparkling wine, then it has to be from this region that is located in northeastern France. There are a number of bubbly wines that are coming from various other areas. Technically these are called crémant. There is a big difference between the standard crémant and the real Champagne. This difference lies in the production method. The Champagne region is at a high altitude. Hence it will have a cold climate. In addition, the local winemakers here are using the process of double-fermentation. Even if this traditional method is not being used, still the terroir of the region is evident in all the wines that are locally produced here.

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