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The Vinod Gupta School Of Management

Vinod Gupta has established a School of Business at IIT Kharagpur. In 1993 the school was the first school of management set up at IIT. Its main design is focused around the world of business. The Vinod Gupta School of Management currently offers MBA, Executive MBA and PHD in management.


The National Institutional Ranking Framework released its yearly rankings of institutions of higher education. The rankings have been developed through he authentication and the government of India. With the Ministry of Human Resource Development, these rankings are developed upon the following outline: Teaching, Learning and Resources, research and professional practices, graduation outcomes, outreach and inclusively, and perception.


The ranking for Vinod Gupta’s School of Management has been ranked as 7th overall. The category are split up and The Vinod Gupta School of Management falls under business. Out of 100, 76 had graduated from the school making it the highest score in the graduation parameters. The scoring process relies on things like graduation rate, placement, entrepreneurship, exam grades, median salary and number of PhD students that graduated. The main focus of study being on management. The Vinod Gupta School of Management encompasses a wide variety of disciplines creating some of the most well-off businessmen with the knowledge and edge to succeed. Go Here for more information.


As the first expansion to ITT at Kharagpur, it shows inspiring achievement sin the students that attended. The School outfits up and coming entrepreneurs with a wide array of skill sets they can rely on in their lifetime.


Furthermore, as a strong advocate of the importance of education, Vinod Also Invests In Women’s Education.


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