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Testimonials Give Power to Securus Technologies Prison Safety Measures

Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in providing security technologies for prison systems and correctional institutions throughout North America, including the United States, Mexico and Canada. The company recently released a press release that featured a handfull of selected testimonials from their real clients. The testimonials in the release were just a few out of thousands of satisfied customers that wrote in or emailed to share examples of how the technology had kept our prison system safe. I wanted to share some of those testimonials with you:


Several of the testimonials submitted by clients spoke to the power of Securus Technologies’ mobile phone call monitoring technology. One example came in the form of hard evidence that was collected and used in the trial of a man accused of shooting another person. He was recorded on a live phone call trying to coerce a family member to make up an alibi for him. Another testimonial shared how monitoring services helped a correctional facility sniff out a corrupt employee that was bringing in illegal items to the inmates. Yet another shared how monitoring helped collect tangible evidence when inmates accused other inmates or staff members of assault charges.


Several other testimonials spoke to the benefits of using Securus Technologies Location Based Tracking Services. One testimonial came from a Sheriff’s Office that wrote in to say that the Location Based Tracking service was essential in their team tracking down and confiscating several millions dollars worth of stolen guns, drugs and other illegal items. A different testimonial praised the Location Based Services and said that that service alone was enough to encourage he and his team to stay loyal customers to Securus Technologies for years to come.


These testimonials were encouraging to see and have me great faith in the technology being provided to make the prison system safer.

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