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Tammy Mazzocco Has a Great Work Ethic

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful residential real estate broker in Central Ohio. She works in four counties, Franklin, Fairfield, Licking, and Delaware. She began her career in real estate by working as a secretary for a nine-man group who ran a commercial real estate business. In 1995 she worked as manager of a condominium project, where her boss recommended that she obtain her real estate license.

In 1998, Tammy began to work for Joe Armini, a successful high-end producer for RE/MAX in Columbus, Ohio as a licensed assistant. It was there that she saw first-hand how a successful real estate office is run and operated. In 1999, Tammy made the decision to begin her career in real estate sales, and she joined the Judy Gang group with RE?MAX in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy has been a mentor and a friend and a very big inspiration to Tammy.

Today Tammy states on her Facebook that real estate has become a passion for her and she loves the business because she can help people and make a good living at the same time. She stays busy because there is always something to do in the real estate business. Her days consist of a similar routine that she has set up for herself because she knows it works.

She starts her days with a few stretching exercises and meditation. Then she likes to get the busy work out of the way. Such things as paperwork, checking her Twitter and phone calling are necessary, but things she would rather not be doing.

The one trend that Tammy endorses is the leads that come from agencies like and Zillow. These are from interested people who have made inquiries on the internet, and they are good prospects for Tammy to call. Even so, most of her business comes from referrals and clients.

When asked what motivates her, Tammy will tell you that she has to set goals on a monthly, weekly, and a daily basis. Then she breaks the goals down to east steps.

She also says that a big factor in her business is to treat her clients just like she would like to be treated herself. She likes to focus on the issues that the client has and put her own needs into the background. It always works, and that is one big reason that Tammy Mazzocco is successful at what she does.

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