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Stream Energy, The True Power is In the Passion of its People

Stream Energy offers communities more than an affordable energy alternative; they offer communities a helping hand. Whether it’s rebuilding a neighborhood, caring for those who were struck by a tornado, or helping the homeless, Stream Energy is truly committed to the communities in which it serves.

In a recent feature article on Stream Energy was showcased for their deep commitment to charity and philanthropic causes. This is more than a business simply writing a check. This passion and commitment is deeply rooted in the DNA of the company, and has become a pillar of the brand.

Just as the company was on the cutting edge of providing consumers alternative energy options after deregulation, they are also on the forefront when it comes to how they approach philanthropy. Stream Energy weaves philanthropy into their core business. They have become one of a handful of companies that has solidified its commitment to philanthropic initiatives by founding its own charitable foundation called “Stream Cares”.

Stream Cares, is a win for the company, positioning itself as a partner in the community. This can help during difficult down times or a corporate crisis. In addition, the employees embrace the program and enjoy participating, volunteering and seeing how they are positively impacting and making a difference in so many lives.

While Stream Energy has built long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and a number of local organizations, Stream and its employees have found a passion for helping the homeless in Dallas. Stream has partnered with Dallas based Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co has an annual “Splash for Hope” in which Stream Cares helps with entrance fees and meals for over 1,000 homeless children. What makes this event so special is the employees get to spend time with these children. They play, splash and witness the excitement of this once in a lifetime experience on their faces.

The list of these types of programs that they are involved with is extensive. What is apparent is that Stream Energy is powered by its passion, commitment and the compassion of its people