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Securus Technologies Earns Recognition for Both Drone Technology and Customer Service

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies that provides technology solutions for law enforcement, corrections facilities and public safety. It also specializes in government payment services as well. Recently, the company announced that it currently has a number of active pilot programs that use drone detection technology to help address any threats of drone devices to jails and prisons. In recent times, drone devices have been used to deliver a number of illegal items to prisons on a regular basis. Since a number of corrections officials have found evidence of drones delivering illegal contraband to prisons, it has looked to Securus Technologies to get drone detection. Securus has accommodated corrections facilities by devising technology capable of detecting drones and preventing them from reaching the facilities.


The company has said that the technology of drone detection is new and will continue to improve over time. It is currently evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and looking to help it make the necessary improvements. Currently, the company is working with a number of technology partners who can help the company find out what is required to properly engineer and install the drone detection technology and maximize its effectiveness. Securus Technologies has also said that technology will improve on a regular basis with more trials as well as more investment in resources. The good news is that the drone detection technology will likely get better on a regular basis.


As well as developing new technology to prevent drones form delivering illegal items to correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has also won 3 Stevie awards for customer service. At the beginning of 2018, the company was awarded the Stevie award for providing customer service for the third time. This has allowed the company to establish its reputation as not only one that provides innovative technology solutions, but also assistance to its many customers. With this award, Securus Technologies was able to receive top honors of companies from around the world. It received this award at an annual gala in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos of Securus Technologies said that the company focuses on friends and family customers in order to provide assistance. He also said that 2017 was the best year for the company in terms of metrics in terms of Customer Satisfaction, First Call Resolution and Net Promoter scores. By receiving high scores in customer service metrics, the company has proven to be one of the leading companies when it comes to helping customers resolve any issues they might have. The award has allowed Securus Technologies to gain even more credibility which will allow it to remain as one of the top companies in its respective industry.