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Quality Learning at Rocketship Education

Rocketship education is one of the leading schools that you get to discover the meaning of having a quality education. The institution is working successfully for many years. The school began in San Jose, California as a church establishment. We intend to elevate the learning modes of our students to raise the living standards of the society in the future. Our primary objective is to build characters and skills that can help our children in the modern job marketplace. The school accommodates children from low-income families. Our level of understanding is of a distinctive nature. Thus, students still come along session after another despite the opportunity to join other schools.

The mutual benefits of the school and parents working together for the better future of the institution encourage other parents to join us. The study shows that over 76 percent of our parents recommended the school to others. We receive 50 percent of those recommended every year. As stipulated by our model and protocol, we do not retest students judging by their previous performances. Our objective is to have the parents and families to trust our capability to deliver appropriately to the Rocketeers.

At Rocketship Education, we teach the students how to use the modern technology to tackle the challenges of life. Primarily, we intend to build on the interaction with the students and their families to understand their interests and expectations. Recently, we introduced the model of teaching students at their home. The research shows that the model is working appropriately than the teacher-classroom model. We run the school on the bases of the parent leadership programs. The programs aid in utilizing the power of the families to hold the political leaders accountable for the quality of education provided in the public schools. Also, we involve the parents in the decision making regarding matters like finance, games, and mode of learning.

The Rocketeers have time to interact using activities, like dancing, playing together, and taking food provided by the school. The refreshing activities prepare the children to concentrate appropriately during their studies. Our model of recruitment evaluates the readiness of the educator to cope with our mode and practices. The skillfulness and mindset of the teachers aid in instilling good characters for the students.