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Paul Herdsman Helped To Build A Company That Works To Improve What Other Companies Have To Offer


Paul Herdsman has been serving in the online customer and consumer software sector for more than 10 years, and he is known for his marketing expertise, problem solving skills, and sales experience. He serves NICE Global as the company’s chief operating officer and co-founder. NICE Global is a near-shore business solutions company that was built in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2014, and the idea for the company came to Herdsman and his associates as they realized they needed to stop outsourcing to so many different countries. Doing so was becoming extremely stressful and was a drain on their resources.


Paul Herdsman and his associates eventually decided to do everything themselves, and even though he had never built a company in Jamaica, he took a chance and did so. It all went as planned, in the long run, and they were so happy with the work that their Jamaican associates had done that they came up with the idea to offer the same kinds of services to other companies. This is where NICE Global began, and Paul Herdsman works very hard to ensure that all of the company’s operations are running smoothly. Being a family man, he spends as much time as possible with his family when he is not working and always makes sure that his children make it to school every day.


Paul Herdsman is excited to see more companies desiring the kind of quality services that are offered from a near-shore business solutions company. By paying a little more, companies gain access to a team that provides higher quality customer engagement and other services they need. Paul Herdsman knows that being busy has nothing to do with how productive a person or company is, and he knows that one of the best ways to increase the bottom line of a company is to offer employees incentives for accomplishing things that lead directly to more profit. See This Page for more information.



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