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OSI Group Upgrades the Production Unit in Spain

OSI Group recently revamped one of its plants in Toledo Spain at the cost of € 17 Million. The Company took this initiative because of the demand from Spain and Portugal. The rise in order was overwhelming which made the company to improve the plant’s poultry production from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000. Additionally, the total output of beef, poultry, and meat production rose to 45,000 tons, which were a significant improvement. The plant received substantial enhancements both in machinery and storage facilities. Changes in refrigeration, storage, and production hall also took place. The workers got a social hall for engagement, which boosted productivity and morale among the staff.

The most innovative part of the process was the introduction of a kitchen for testing the products to improve quality. A production development manager took the duty of running the kitchen to observe dietary and tastes in line with the customers’ demands. On top of improving production, OSI improved the cost of production in the plant. Through the introduction of heat recycling measures, the company realized a drop in electricity consumption. The heat produced by the production system and the refrigerators was used to heat the water instead of using electricity.

The dispatch area was enlarged owing to the rise in production. Besides, new job opportunities emerged since the company employed twenty more staff members. Other improvements in the plant included safety measures through the installation of surveillance cameras both in and outside the premises and state of the art firefighting systems. OSI Group main offices are in Aurora, Illinois but the company operates in seventeen countries global with over 65 facilities making it a renowned food hub.

OSI Group operates under the leadership of the David McDonald, the President, and the company’s Chief Operations Officer. He works in collaboration with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. McDonald joined OSI Group in 1987 joining Lavin who joined in 1970. The experience in the meat industry that McDonald has combined with Sheldon Lavin’s expertise in the production industry is what makes OSI ever consistent. The two have also made the company receive various awards in some areas in Europe, India, and Britain.

Additionally, they have steered the company in line with the current global standards. In that connection, the company is involved in air emission, health and safety, animal welfare and energy savings processes and employees welfare management. OSI Group is also engaged in community development activities and charitable donations.