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OSI Group Expands its Food Service Horizons

OSI group is among America’s top 100 companies. Judging from its latest business deals, it’s likely to climb higher in the already, admirable league. OSI is a world leader in foodservice solutions for clients across the globe. It has an edge over other food companies because of its custom food service. Many companies across the globe depend on OSI for their food processing options. It is because of such an edge that OSI continues to expand its service wings to Europe and other parts of the globe. In recent time, OSI Group has bought several companies and added them to its fold.

OSI Group Buys Baho Food

Baho is a renowned food manufacturer of convenience. The Dutch food outlet attracted the interest of the stakeholders in OSI Group. The group has not disclosed the details of the transaction as yet but reliable sources indicate that Baho is as good as part of OSI Group. The acquisition of Baho is a major addition to the company’s strategic assets. Baho runs five food outlets as subsidiaries. It has functional processing outlets in Netherlands and Germany. Baho has its wings all over Europe. It extends service to over eighteen countries in Europe. Details of the arrangement show that Baho Food MD Mr. John Balvers along with some members of his team will stay on to help the OSI chiefs to craft its expansion plans. Baho executives are impressed with the deal and reveal that they are happy to join the major food chain. Mr. Balvers acknowledged the positive relationship between OSI and its clients, an aspect of the Group that helps it to grow into new markets with ease. He remarks that the combined effort of the two companies operating under the same umbrella is a sure way to maintain market leadership in the foodservice segment. The acquisition means that OSI now has a larger food service profile. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group and Tyson Foods

OSI Group has also bought a food plant that belonged to Tyson Foods. The plant, located in Chicago, occupies a space of about 20 000 square feet. The acquisition is strategic both physically and business-wise. The plant is located next to an existing facility owned by OSI in Chicago. According to the management of OSI group, the acquisition of the facility is meant to bolster its capacity to meet its customer needs. OSI has its headquarters in the state of Illinois. The group pursues value addition strategies in food service and supply. It has over 17 outlets in different countries across the globe.

OSI Group is an equal opportunity employer. It frequently advertises job openings in its various outlets. The group makes deliberate effort to also offer competitive salaries to its employees worldwide. Currently, there are opportunities for food production supervisors, Cleaners, security guards and maintenance staffs in its various outlets.