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Michael Lacey’s Mathematical Career Encourages Scholars

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician whose works have universally assisted many scholars. With a plethora of teaching experiences, Michael is presently a full-time professor at the luxurious Georgia Institute of Technology since 2001.

When he graduated from the Texas University having acquired a bachelor’s degree in science, Lacey advanced his education by pursuing a Ph.D. from the Illinois University, the Urbana campus. As a student, Lacey’s education was facilitated by the prominent Walter Philip. His Ph.D. focused on Banach, a specialty in probability.

With the focus to complete his course, Michael focused on logarithm with the aim of finding solutions to empirical characteristics. Being a keen and dedicated scholar, he graduated in with a doctorate in 1987.


Michael’s commitment to achieving impeccable results saw him through his appointment as an associate professor at the prestigious Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge. His service in that institution lasted one year. He then moved to the North Carolina University for an associate professor job. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Working closely with his mentor and advisor Mr. Walter Philip, Lacey and Walter had the chance to present their proof based on the central limit theorem. Later in the year, Lacey joined UNC and worked for one year prior to moving to Bloomberg University for seven years.


In 1990, Michael received positive public recognition for his tremendous work in academia. The National Science Foundation awarded him when he was an employee at the Indiana University. Michael’s journey in pursuing studies extended beyond mathematics when he studied the linear Herbert transformation. It was among the issues he was solving in his academic year at Indiana University. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

With his colleague, a solution was found in 1996. The Salem Prize was used to appreciate their input in that field. In 1996, Lacey left the Indiana University to begin his Math career. Joining the Georgia Institute, he was appointed an associate professor. Michael advanced his career by working his way up to be a full –time professor. His effort in this institution contributed to his award of the Guggenheim Fellowship in the year 2004.


Following his efforts, Michael was appointed a fellow associate at the American Mathematical Society. Aside from being a scholar, Michael Lacey is a senior author. His works have been cited in several publishing as proofs as well as papers in his career. To students, Michael is a role model as well as a mentor.

With his assistance at Georgia School, there is a continuation of academic advancement through vibrant cornerstones. Presently, the school holds a special place in society. The high caliber of mathematical research educates leading students from different campus.