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Kim Dao And Her BF Eric Answer Questions From Viewers

Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric took some time out of their trip to Singapore to film a short Q&A session. All of the questions these two lovebirds answered were sent to Kim Dao from viewers on social media.

The first questioner wonders where Eric and Kim Dao will travel to next. Eric suggests either Hong Kong or the USA. Kim Dao, however, says she wants to go to London. Eric tells Kim if she really wants to go to London, then she will have to fund the trip. Learn more:
Second, itachi07 asks Kim Dao: “What is your first gift to your boyfriend?” Kim says that her first gift was a watch. Unfortunately, Kim Dao was a poor student at the time, so she actually had to borrow $50 from Eric to buy the watch!

Another viewer called fernandamezaj asks Kim and Eric what their favorite places to visit in Japan are. They both agree that Hokkaido is a great place to visit, especially during the winter festival. Learn more:

One viewer asks how Eric and Kim Dao maintain such a healthy long-distance relationship. Eric and Kim say they use Skype and social media very often to stay in touch. Both Kim and Eric are very concerned with their careers at this stage in their lives, so they generally spend a ton of their energy at work. Learn more:

A loyal follower of Kim Dao’s channel wonders what happened to Kim’s “secret” lover in Tokyo. Kim Dao admits that she met a friend who happened to be a Japanese man while playing Pok√©mon Go. However, this “boyfriend” was gay, so there was nothing romantic in their relationship.