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Kate Hudson’s Creativity Brings Fabletics Into Prominence

There are quite a few things that are needed for a business to be successful. Among them are creativity and observance. Kate Hudson has shown both with Fabletics. While it is good to come up with a lot of amazing new designs, the worst thing to do is be different for the sake of being different. Kate Hudson has instead taken a look at not only the possibilities with designs, but also the different sizes and body types that wear these clothes. This type of observance has not only come in handy for starting the brand but has also been helpful for moving forward.


Kate Hudson has used her knowledge of body types to help with the design of clothes. This has brought forth many fun and elegant pieces that are designed for different body types. In order to show off the different items, Fabletics has called forth models of different body types in order to show women that they can wear these items without fear of looking ridiculous. Kate also learned about the different materials so that the company can bring about durable and long lasting items for customers. After all, when one buys a really good looking piece, she is going to want it to last a long time.


Kate Hudson has brought the same level of creativity to the marketing of the company. There have been different TV spots and other forms of advertising to show that Fabletics is a fashion retailer about creativity and self expression. It is also about diversity. Therefore, one very important aspect of diversity is size. The team behind Fabletics have seen that larger people are left out of most new styles. With the all-inclusive initiative brought forth by Kate Hudson, the company is able to bring forth a stronger image of diversity.


With the marketing, Kate Hudson has used her observance of the culture to bring forth ads that capture the attention of the social media crowd. For instance, the Instagram themed advertising was a very powerful campaign in bringing attention to the brand and getting people interested in the items.

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