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Igor Cornelsen Famous Banking Expert from Brazil Provides Investment Tips

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and many foreign investors are trying to make it big in this booming economy. However, Igor Cornelsen, one of the most reputed investments and banking professionals in the country, says that before investing Brazil, there are few banking basics one should know about.

It would help in making smart investment choices and understand the financial and market trends of the country, which has recently been facing economic volatility due to the instability in its political structure.

While giving an example for the same, he says that while many of the public sector banks have been struggling to make profits, the private banks have been making enormous profits.

Igor says that it is only possible due to the clear understanding of how the Brazilian economy works and what the fundamentals of investing in Brazilian financial market are.

Igor Cornelsen says that the first thing that one should note is the economic track chosen by the top ten banks in the country and who are the trading partners of Brazil. While giving importance to the economy of China, he said that as China is the most prominent trading partner of Brazil, it only makes sense to keep a watch on China’s economy as well.

China’ economic growth would automatically signal remarkable economic growth of Brazil as well. However, he also noted that China is also a competitor in the Latin America market, so it gives all the more reason to keep a close watch on the economy and trading policies of China along with Brazil.

Igor Cornelson said that the new finance minister of Brazil, Joaquim Levy, has made some very positive economic reforms after taking oath in the ministry and it is expected that he would take the country’s economy on the right path, away from the populist policies of the earlier government.

Igor Cornelsen has worked with some of the most significant banks in Brazil for many years and currently is a financial and equity consultant at Bainbridge Inc, a company he started to provide investors with smart investment tips.

Igor continues to share his views on Brazilian economy through the articles he writes often.

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  1. One thing that appears to be common in almost all the industry is someone that almost everybody working in any particular department look up to. Perhaps the reason why lays so much emphasis on the contributions that he has personally made in ensuring that the Brazilian economy enjoys the boom that they do now.

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