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Igor Cornelsen and The Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen comes from Curitiba, Brazil. He was born in 1947. He did engineering course at the Federal University of Parana. During this time, there was no other engineering college both in Parama and Santa Catarina. There were high competitions when it came to gaining admission into the college, but Igor was lucky to be selected. However, Igor did not finish his engineering course. After two years in the course, he changed and pursued economics in the same university.

After graduating in 1970, Igor Cornelsen started working in an investment bank. It was a common practice during this time for engineers to work in the banking industry due to their ability to calculate compound interests. Igor later moved to Rio to start his career. It was while in Rio that Igor built for himself a good resume as an investment banker. He did well in this field that saw him raise up the management ranks within the industry. In 1974, Igor Cornelsen received a promotion to become a member of the board of Multibanco and later becoming the Bank’s CEO after two years.

According to Igor, investment can be an overwhelming exercise for many people. If one is not aware of what they are doing, financing can be difficult and riskier. It is essential for both the experienced and the beginners to understand the rules for investment. Igor Cornelsen argues that investment is all about taking the risk with your money. Thus, as an investor, you should be careful to reduce the risks involved with money. Additionally, if the investment includes risking a lot of your money, it is better to ignore it. Time is very vital when it comes to investment. One should start investing as early as possible. You do not have to be young to start investing your money, but it is important to begin as soon as possible to be able to maximize your returns.