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Fabletics and the Hard Work of Kate Hudson

Fabletics maybe one of the best things around when it comes to athletic clothing. This company has managed to gain exposure with social media and celebrities that are friends of Kate Hudson. It appears that there are a number of people that like this clothing.


Many of them work out in these clothes and post videos of their favorite outfits as they work out. This is the type of fanfare that has been generated from a company like Fabletics. Ten years ago no one even knew that it existed. Now it appears that everyone is well aware of this brand, and Kate Hudson plans to get even more people involved with this clothing.


If she is not getting a shout-out from celebrity supermodel friends like Chrissy Teigen she is in the design room working with other friends like pop star Demi Lovato on new designs for a Fabletics. This is all part of a great plan that Kate Hudson has to use her star power to bring about exposure to the brand in various ways. Everyone may not know Kate Hudson the actress. Everyone may not know of Chrissy Teigen the supermodel. There are lots of young millennials that know Demi Lovato, but she may not be known by everyone that is interested in athletic clothing. When Kate works to combine all of these different celebrity fan bases, however, she is able to get great results.


So far this has been a successful journey for Kate when it comes to marketing through these methods of social media, but that is not the only arsenal she has in her marketing campaign bag.


Kate Hudson also finds it easy to market to those consumers that are now looking for a physical store to try on clothes. She is determined to open as many as 100 stores in the next several years, and that is going to be the thing that gets more people to embrace the brand.


The older shoppers that may have never even considered the possibility of shopping online for fear of getting their credit card stolen may be all for shopping in a physical brick and mortar store. Kate Hudson realizes this. That is why she puts time into helping these customers see that there is more out there than the online website.


Hudson also realizes that there is a crowd of consumers that are concerned about quality. That’s why she also takes time with her marketing campaigns to put a heavy emphasis on the quality that is available through the athleisure wear that she is presenting. It would appear that Kate Hudson has all grounds covered when it comes to the Fabletics brand.


Kate knows what consumers want, and she is willing to provide. She has taken the time to listen, and it appears that she is focused on helping people expand workout wardrobes and getting in better shape. Kate is health-conscious and she is also fashion-conscious. This makes her a valuable asset to the athletic clothing industry.