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Drew Madden: The Expanding Role of Healthcare IT

With the healthcare landscape changing often in a short period of time, consumers wonder what’s next. This is evident with the latest developments in the healthcare industry, where pharmacy giant CVS and health care provider Aetna have recently announced their plans to merge with one another. In addition to this surprising move, online behemoth Amazon has also announced plans to begin entering the pharmaceutical business by acquiring licenses across the U.S. to sell various types of pharmacy-related products. According to most experts, this is a precursor to Amazon entering the prescription drug business, which could have a profound impact on the choices consumers will have in the future. Because of this, healthcare IT experts such as Drew Madden expect big changes in the years to come.

A trained industrial engineer, Drew Madden has gained an industry-wide reputation as an expert on healthcare IT and its impact on consumers, businesses, and healthcare facilities. Having focused most of his career efforts on designing electronic medical records systems, Drew has seen firsthand the dramatic impact technology can have in healthcare, especially where it concerns record keeping and other related aspects. As a result, he has devoted much of his time to making sure electronic medical records systems are not only much more efficient, but also far more secure than past systems.

As the founder and President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew built the company into one of the world’s leading authorities on electronic medical records systems. Growing the company from less than 10 employees, it had more than 700 when Drew left. Along with this, the company had over 150 clients, and produced annual revenues exceeding $130 million. Now in his current role as a co-founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, which also specializes in healthcare IT, Drew Madden chooses to focus not so much on creating new systems, but in helping companies and facilities realize the important role these electronic medical records systems play with other systems within the business. In doing so, Drew and his team help clients understand the changing role of modern healthcare, which is so important in today’s world.