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Dr. Saad Saad Is A Successful Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is someone who worked as a pediatric surgeon for many years and who changed many lives in the time that he spent working. He performed thousands of surgeries on children who were in need of help. He patented two inventions during the time that he spent working, coming up with new ideas and using those for good. This man is someone who was focused on his career from the time that he was young, and he has done great things in the lives of many. Dr. Saad Saad completed mission trips to Jerusalem, where he provided children with medical help free of cost.


Abraham Lincoln is someone who Dr. Saad Saad looks up to, and this man has shared that he enjoys reading any book that focuses on that man. He respects the man because he cared about all people and treated everyone as equal. He enjoys reading about the man to learn from him and become more like him.


Dr. Saad Saad came from a family that was not well off financially, and he pushed himself to do well in school because of that. He graduated as second in his class and he received honors when he graduated. He dedicated himself to his studies while he was at Cairo University, pushing himself to be the best that he could be.


When Dr. Saad Saad knows that he has a complicated surgery ahead of him, there are some things that he will do to help that surgery work out well. He works hard to make sure that he is at his best when he is going in to surgery, and that includes getting a good night of sleep before the surgery. He also makes sure that he has a good breakfast before he gets started with the surgery. This surgeon chooses to complete surgeries without loud music in the operating room, and he does not like personal talking to take place in the operating room, either. Learn more:


Preparing for surgery is an important job, and Dr. Saad Saad is someone who would take his prep time and use it to review the patient and what was going to take place. He would take time to make sure that he knew just how he was going to perform the procedure.