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Dr. Mark McKenna: Changing the Way That Doctors See Their Patients

The work that Dr. Mark McKenna is doing and his medical aesthetics company OVME is truly groundbreaking. Wall the medical care that his patients receive under his tutelage is exceptional, the truly groundbreaking portion of the service offered at OVME is centered around the usage of technology. The specific technology usage that is being implemented throughout much of the patient base for this facility is app technology present on mobile devices.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always been devoted to the freedom that can be present in medical care. He believes that patients have more options available to them than have been traditionally offered. One such option is the ability to be seen at their home and office. While this is something that was available to them in the past, before technology was so prevalent, he believes that it deserves a revisit. Patients who receive this type of care are able to continue on with their day after receiving a visit. Instead of being forced to take a personal day to visit the doctor they can submit to a quick visit with a physician and continue on with their work. This is an exceptional option and it has grown in popularity among his patients.

Dr. Mark McKenna wrote about the growth of such technology in his blog post article “The Future of On Demand Apps with Dr. S Mark Mckenna”. He wants people to understand that while this new type of scheduling is an exceptional leap forward there are still steps that can be made in this arena. He believes that a virtual examination may be possible in the future. Camera technologies have advanced to the point where doctors may be able to complete an examination through an app and issue treatment. This will allow people to streamline the medical process even further. While some people are being forced to take time off to visit their doctors, Dr. Mark McKenna is allowing his patients to feel the freedom available to them with this form of care. It is his hope that other doctors understand the value of such care and moved to assist their patients in a similar way.