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Doe Deere Stands Out In Her Industry

You can’t miss the success of Lime Crime and how it has managed to go so far in such little time. The ability to move a brand from square one into million dollar territory is not too common, so the rise of Doe Deere and cosmetics line is something to be talked about. The most important thing to recognize about her story is that she has done all of this with her creativity alone. Deere isn’t out there trying to copy somebody else or base her plans on what others are doing. Everything is about what she is doing and what she is able to bring to the table.


The creativity involved in what she has created simply can’t be overstated. She took much of what inspired her as a child and used it to create the backdrop of some her most beautiful and inspired products. From lipstick to mascara we can look and see obvious examples of this being used to produce things that everyone would want. That creativity is translating into an empire that will stretch across the world. Her latest moves are all meant to bring things into that direction with a strong focus on the Chinese market for now.


Her ability to create new products is in addition to her devotion to her favorite causes. She is a strong believer in animal rights and you can clearly see that this extends to just about everything that happens with Lime Crime. All products are made in a way that prevents any animal endangerment from happening. That moves makes her product both distinguished from its competition and more than a means to an end. She is trying to use her platform to make the world a better place and this just so happens to be the way that she can. Learn more:


The future of Lime Crime is going to bring this brand into an entirely new focus with her desire to expand into other countries. She wants people to know that Lime Crime is more than just another cosmetics label and that her work is meant to give people a piece of her artwork. That’s something sorely lacking from the rest of the makeup industry and it’s very much appreciated. As new women decide to become entrepreneurs they will have to copy her and do what she has done to succeed. Fortunately, her path is one worth understanding by all.