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Dr. Mark McKenna: Changing the Way That Doctors See Their Patients

The work that Dr. Mark McKenna is doing and his medical aesthetics company OVME is truly groundbreaking. Wall the medical care that his patients receive under his tutelage is exceptional, the truly groundbreaking portion of the service offered at OVME is centered around the usage of technology. The specific technology usage that is being implemented […]

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Baltimore and Todd Lubar

Baltimore is growing as a definite hot spot among the younger demographic. With all the young professionals constantly moving into the city, there is an ever-increasing demand for real estate. One popular option among these new residents is refurbished older buildings. And living space is not the only thing growing in the city. The city […]

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Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman of worldwide property improvement organization known as DAMAC Properties. He graduated from Washington University and later began his vocation in GASCO Oil Company. After a brief period, he built up his own particular business and in 1982 began his journey towards becoming a successful businessman. In 2002, he recognized the […]