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Betsy DeVos is a True Leader

One thing Betsy DeVos is most recognized for, and that would be her generosity. In 2015, the Devose family fund gave $ 750,000 to be accepted by Washington-based strategizing guild and that was not all that was donated, another amount was confirmed of $ 1 million prospective funding to the think-tank. The Dick and Betsy’s family fund, which is the DeVos Foundation has even given $ 400,000 in funding to Speaker Media Inc. and helped former CNN host Campbell Brown’s training center, as well with another generous sum. She is such a wonderful philanthropist, one would say that out of all politicians they’ve seen, Betsy Devose really does have the biggest heart. Check her website for more info at

As you can see Devos was obviously raised with a good set of morals that not everyone has to their advantage. Even though she is the only daughter of Eric Prince, an automobile company owner, turned billionaire, she is far from spoiled. Her track record with the Dick & Betsy Foundation, just keeps growing. The couple donated $ 100,000 to the nonprofit Alliance for School Choice, it operates privately with the American Federation of Labor for Children as well. Her grounds on what Education Choice can do for inner city children, is remarkably sound. It’s no wonder she has become the Secretary of Education, who we should be proud to have today.

You should be particularly proud, especially if you believe in any of the laws that thi country was built upon. Betsy Devos is a faithful servant of the church, her donations to the Kingdom of Christ, is no meager contribution, but at Devose’s own request in recent interviews, we will not bring up the exact amount. The only thing that is important here, is that if you are a republican who was afraid that the country’s politics are falling too far from the church, then you need not worry. Betsy Devose is a firm believer and she puts her money where her mouth is, consistently.

Betsy DeVos maybe a board member of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy today, but her roots in politics stem all the way back to her College years, where she was greatly involved with the politics of her school. In addition, to the $ 10,000 that the DeVos Foundation has funded for the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm that requires options in the region, she is sharp politician.

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A $ 6,500 donation to this cause or that campaign, never hurt anyone, even if it was one that served a conservative position in the right to choose which university curriculum would best prepare your students for the world. All of Mr and Mrs. Devose’s causes are admirable, and she makes a great representative for any political party.

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