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Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Uses Wine Dinner To Support Nonprofit

Jeremy Goldstein is a high-profile supporter of Fountain House. This is a New York City organization that helps people with mental health issues by providing a home for them stay in, help finding therapy and jobs, and other services. In order to support this cause he co-hosted a food and wine dinner which featured Chateau Latour’s finest wines. Each ticket to this dinner, which was held in May 2018, was $3,700 each and all of the money raised was provided to Fountain House.

Fountain House’s innovative program has been adopted by other nonprofits around the world. They provide housing services for more than 500 people each year. They feed 40,000 meals a year and teach their members how to eat a healthy diet and get proper exercise. They also provide educational services so that members are able to continue their education. They have a special program for members 18 to 30 years old which helps them learn how to work within their community to lead full lives despite their mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein has had his own law practice for the past several years. He says that he saw a number of lawyers in New York City were continuing successful careers after leaving the large firms they had been working for. He decided he could make a go of it as well in his legal specialty, executive compensation, and so left the place that he had been working for a number of years and launching his own practice.

He says that there aren’t any shortcuts in what he does for a living. He provides his advice on how his clients should progress their careers. This includes being available around the clock for his clients and spending large amounts of time advising, negotiating, and drafting legal documents.


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